37th Anniversary Celebration of PT JAS

PT Jasa Angkasa Semesta (JAS) has entered its 37th year. The company, which was founded in 1984, celebrates its birthday on Tuesday, June 8, 2021. Various events were held to enliven this anniversary, such as a short video competition, awarding to the 16 best employees in 2021, and distributing oximeters to 3,500 employees as an effort to monitor their own health against Covid-19.

President Commissioner of PT JAS, Herman Prayitno gave a speech at the event which was held in the Titan room, 2nd floor of the Wisma Soewarna. Herman expressed his gratitude because in the midst of this pandemic, PT JAS was still able to make a positive contribution to the world of aviation, ground handling, cargo, ASA, and others. In addition, all employees of PT JAS should feel grateful because the company is now ‘back in action’ with the marked recovery in the number of flights served every day, at all stations.

In this regard, the President Director of PT JAS, Adji Gunawan, also emphasized that all employees must remain enthusiastic and continue to provide the best for the company, their families, and themselves by continuing to prioritize awareness of the Covid 19 pandemic, ranging from symptoms to how it is transmitted and how to handle. Adji also gave great appreciation to all employees of PT JAS.

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