CAS Group via Subsidiary JAS Airport Services Officially Operates In The New International Post Terminals And Cargo Warehouse – Juanda International Airport

As of December 1 2022, PT. Cardig Aero Services Tbk via subsidiary PT. Jasa Angkasa Semesta (JAS) has officially operated as a Cargo Terminal Operator (CTO) in the new International Cargo warehouse Terminal at Juanda International Airport, Surabaya. The inauguration was carried out directly by Juanda International Airport’s General Manager, Sisyani Jaffar and JAS CEO, Adji Gunawan, Thursday (01/12).

JAS as CTO will implement Cargo Terminal Digitalization (CTD) through the Cargo Integrated System (CIS) which will help to simplify business process, as well as to increase integrated payments’ efficiency and transparency to all stakeholders in the cargo and logistics ecosystem. In addition, CIS will also be integrated with the HS-Code INSW and the National Logistics Ecosystem (NLE).

JAS CEO, Adji Gunawan stated that the Company’ hope with the inauguration of JAS as CTO, is that the Company can fully contribute to strategic operations and the technology application for supporting facilities in order to create a more sustainable cargo environment in Surabaya, especially with facilities at the new International Cargo Warehouse and Post Terminal. This enables the Company to participate in supporting the price stability of logistics maintenance, and could indirectly contribute to local economic development.

JAS role as CTO is to provide services and convenience to all stakeholders including all customers, such as the JAS digital platform, Road Feeder Services.

In addition, for the period from January to October 2022, Juanda International Airport in Surabaya has served a total of 52,130 tons of cargo traffic with details of 12,449 tons – international cargo and 39,681 tons – domestic cargo.

Moreover, JAS has also received CEIV Lithium Battery certification from IATA to support the growth of the national electric vehicle battery industry, recently.

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