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Good Corporate Governance (GCG) is the framework and foundation of CAS’s business management. In Indonesia, GCG principles are formulated by the National GCG Policy Committee, namely: ethical behaviour, accountability, transparency and sustainability. Hence, CAS Group and its subsidiaries adhere to these principles when managing their businesses.

CAS Group implements GCG with a long-term vision, namely to integrate the GCG principles as a part of the corporate culture, including the corporate cultures of the subsidiaries. CAS Group has developed its organizational framework and structure to reach that aim, backed by proper infrastructure.

The GCG implementation framework comprises ethical codes, charters, and standard operational procedures.

In accordance with Law 40 of 2007, the structural organization of CAS Group consists of the General Shareholders Meeting (GSM), the Board of Commissioners, the Board of Directors, and the Audit Committee, as well as the Nomination and Remuneration Committee under the Board of Commissioners.

The GCG implementation infrastructure comprises the company’s division and standard operational procedures. Divisions directly related to the implementation of GCG are the Corporate Secretary, the Internal Audit Unit, Risk Management, and the GCG Implementation Team.

Ethics Code

The Company is committed to implement sound and ethical business. To this end, the Company has developed strategic moves to be successful in achieving targets which derived from professionalism and compliance to business ethics without violation on guidelines of sound business in accordance to GCG principles as stated in the vision and mission of the Company. Thus, the Company has applied a Code of Conduct.

These guidelines are a form of the Company’s commitment in implementing GCG in any operational activities of the Company. All management and employees must understand the Corporate’s Code of Conduct as the basis of behavior that govern the application of the relationship between employees and the Company, fellow employee, customers, suppliers, shareholders, stakeholders, government and community.


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