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Corporate Secretary


Widianawati D. Adhiningrat
Corporate Secretary

Indonesian citizen, served as Corporate Secretary of the Company in 2011. Prior to joining the Company, she was corporate treasurer & investor relations at PT Bimantara Citra and Executive Vice President Corporate Finance at PT Cardig International (2006-2009). She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Indonesia in 1991 and a Master of Business Administration from Northeastern University, USA in 1994.

Internal Audit Unit


Ferdy Fahdrian
Head of Internal Audit

Currently the position of the Company’s Internal Audit Head is occupied by Ferdy Fahdrian, an Indonesian citizen, 38 years old.

He joined the Company in June 2010, and previously was the Head of Internal Audit of subsidiary of the Company (PT Jasa Angkasa Semesta Tbk) and subsequently became Head of Internal Audit of company in March 2016 based on the Decision of Board of Commissioners in lieu of Board of Commissioners meeting of PT Cardig Aero Services Tbk regarding the replacement of the Head of Internal Audit Unit and reported to the Chief Executive of Capital Market Supervisory Financial Services Authority (OJK) based on letter No. 009/II/2016/WDA dated February 26, 2016.

Started his career in 2004, he worked as an Auditor in Public Accountant Firm of Hendrawinata Gani & Rekan, member of Grant Thornton. In 2006 he became a consultant of Ferrier Hodgson. Before he joined the Company, he worked as Internal Auditor at PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk, since 2008.

He obtained a dual degree as Bachelor of Economic in Accounting from Trisakti University and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA-Honours) in International Business from Edith Cowan University, Perth-WA in 2004. He obtained Master of Management from Universitas Indonesia in Finance & Marketing in 2010.

He holds an Internal Audit Certification of QIA and Certification of Green Belt Six Sigma. He is also a member of Institute of Internal Audit (IIA).

Risk Management Policy

The Internal Audit identifies risk potential within the business environment of the Company and likely legal  impacts on the goals of the Company. The Risk Management activities of the Company emphasize risks of business processes and the control of risks that may occur; higher risk in any one area of the process will be given a higher level of attention.

The implementation of risk management is set as part of commitment of good corporate governance to strengthen trust among investors and the public toward the Company. Risk management can assist management in assessing business risks that may occur and anticipate the impact, thus the management can manage risk with a minimum negative effect to the Company.

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