EGMS: CAS Group Assigns New Member in the Board of Commissioners and Directors along with The Articles of Association’ Adjustment

Jakarta – PT Cardig Aero Services, Tbk. (CAS Group) had officially change the company’s board of commissioners and directors’ composition through an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on Friday (11/10) at Menara Cardig, by assigning Haryanto Sahari and Ibu Sutji Relowati as the company’s new Independent Commissioner and Chief Financial Officer, respectively.

The assignment of new member in the company’s board of commissioners and directors, which was approved by the majority of shareholders, had increased the number of member in the board of commissioners to 6 person and the board of directors to 4 person.

Aside from that, CAS group also asked the shareholders’ approval on the Articles of Association’ adjustment. CAS Group’ EGMS was attended by the shareholders that holds around 93.63% of the company’s total shares.

The majority of shareholders approved for the Articles of Association’ adjustment as the company needs to comply with the new Government Regulation No. 24, 2018 on Online Single Submission.

The event held was in order to comply the Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 32 / POJK.04 / 2014, December 8th, 2014 article 32 Paragraph (1) and article 33; concerning the Plan and Implementation of the shareholders General Meeting for Public Company (hereinafter referred to as POJK No. 32).

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