Indonesia Clean Movement in Kanekes Village -Baduy

On March 14, 2018, CAS Group with NES Peduli, performed clean service in the framework of the Clean Indonesia Movement in Kanekes Village, Baduy Tribe – Lebak, Banten. Followed by 100 volunteers and donors who were moved in the effort to clean up the garbage of the Baduy tourism village.

The indigenous people of the Baduy tribe are known for their hospitality and cultural uniqueness, the tourist village is divided into two area, namely Baduy Luar and Baduy Dalam village. CAS Group and volunteers visited the Baduy Luar village which is more open to the public. Armed with hygiene kits and garbage bags, we started cleaning the trekking area along the tourist village. The tourists who visited the village had left waste scattered in various places.

And NES and CAS Group concern, we started collecting garbage and then the garbage was collected at the final Waste Disposal Area (WDA) on land already purchased by the donors. It is expected that with a landfill, then this tourist village will remain clean. The youths of Baduy Luar village are also taught to cultivate garbage so that the village is kept clean of garbage.

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