Alumni ITB77 Launches “Indonesian Tough Corporations” Book

 Bandung Institute of Technology alumnus (ITB) force 1977 to donate a book entitled “Indonesian Tough Corporations” in order to celebrate the 72nd of the Independence of Republic of Indonesia. 

The book is the result of more than a year of research by researchers from ITB.

Mentioned in an email sent to the editor, the book is the result of research for a year more by researchers from ITB.

The research was carried out in the framework of the 40th anniversary of Alumni Reunion ITB 1977 (ITB77) and also one of the event’s eyes in celebration of 100 years of Education in ITB.

The research that had been done is aimed to find the Indonesian company, which is precisely during the global economic crisis in 2008 and 2014, financial performance continues to increase.

Well, the result was there were 30 (thirty) companies whose performance even increased, at the time of the second crisis. The company has been selected by Team ITB77 and granted the title as Indonesia’s Tough Corporation.

In addition to selecting Indonesia’s Tough Corporations, this research is also continued by looking for tips, the reasons why the company can be tough and survive.

In the book “Indonesian Tough Corporations” is also discussed how this company can survive. For example related to how the company’s business focus, innovation, customer culture, customer service, human resource management and also financial management.

The book “Indonesia’s Tough Corporations” was launched this morning in a seminar on “Indonesia’s Tough Corporate Wisdom Seminar” at West Aula Building, ITB Campus, Bandung.

Directorate General of Highways Arie Murwanto and Director General of Agro Kimia Panggah Susanto, who are also a graduate of ITB Force 1977, was presented to give a keynote speech. Some representatives of Indonesia’s Tough Corporations are also present as panelists to deliver and share on their company’s tips.

The Company’s leaders include PT Selamat Sempurna, PT Champion Pacific Indonesia, PT Pembangunan Perumahan and PT Cardig Aero Services Tbk (CAS Group).

At the end of the seminar, each participant and visitor got the book “Indonesian Tough Corporations” from Triharyo Soesilo (Hengki), as the book editor and Chairman of ITB Alumni Association 1977.

It is hoped that the Indonesian Tough Corporations’ tips discussed in the book can be replicated or adopted by other Indonesian companies, so that more and more of the Tough Corporation will be in Indonesia.

This rare book also shows all the financial performance of the Open Company in Indonesia from 2009 to 2015. No books have ever shown such detailed data.

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