JAS Joins Co-Branding of Wonderful Indonesia

Jasa Angkasa Semesta Brand (JAS) Airport Services was selected to join with the co-branding of Wonderful Indonesia and Pesona Indonesia. JAS believes that Indonesian tourism is not only the responsibility of the Ministry of Tourism but all elements, including  the business community.

The signing of the MoU was held at the 3rd National Coordination Meeting of Tourism (Rakornaspar) at Birawa Assembly Hall Bidakara Jakarta on Tuesday, September 26, 2017, following the activities of the Wonderful Indonesia Co-Branding Forum earlier on 10 August.

JAS CEO Adji Gunawan said he is happy to be a government partner to popularize tourism through the branding of Wonderful Indonesia (WI) or Pesona Indonesia (PI).

According to him, this cooperation is in line with the campaign “Together in Unity” which is being launched this year, “We are all together and united in supporting of Indonesian tourism,  This last sentence does not make sense

JAS Airport Services, a 33-year-old ground handling company essentially manages the handling of passengers, baggage, cargo and mail, and ramp handling upon arrival or departure nationwide.

“By leveraging the strength of our existing services, our co-branding commitment can be maximized in many ways. Thousands of JAS employees, especially check-in counter officers will use the WI/PI logo as part of their uniform. Indonesian tourism videos can be played in the JAS lounge, and so on, “explained Martha Lory, Corporate Communications Manager of JAS.

Martha said JAS is also seeking the best for this cooperation that can be expanded. So not only JAS, but foreign airlines will try to be involved to participate in supporting the programme to serve  20 million tourists in 2019.

JAS handles 62.000 international flights annually in CGK with over 18 million passengers at 12 airports in Indonesia and about 16.5 million pieces of baggage from 35 foreign airlines.

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