Whistle Blowing Policy (CAS WHIS)


In the effort to improve the quality of implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG), the Company had implemented Whistleblowing system policies (CAS WHIS)

The system is developed as  policies or procedures designed to receive and follow up on any complaints regarding fraud, violation of laws or regulations, related industry standards, unethical/immoral actions or other actions that may adversely affect the Company or other stakeholders.

If employees or managements commit any violation, any other employeer or external parties may make a report . The report should be handled as a  confidential manner, it must be given and received in good faith and not as a private complaint on the Company policy and should not be based on ill will nor bad faith/slander.

In 2017, whistleblowing policies were implemented effectively. Reported violations of code of conducts have been discussed and followed-up by the Internal Audit Unit. The Company has taken strict measures towards the violators, with aim to further develop good corporate governance in the future.


Whistleblowing System CAS Group 2021

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